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What is the frequency range of MW communication?

What is antenna beamwidth?

What is LB for mw planning ?

What is antenna Front to Back Ratio?

What is the clearance criteria of Fresnel zone for K=1.33 & K=0.67 ?

What is the formula of free space loss in dB ?

What is the formula of RSL ?

What is the Antenna Gain ?

What is dBi?

What is dBd?

What is ATPC ?

What is EIRP and how to express it in terms of watts and dBm?

Formula For EIRP

Formula For dBm

Formula For dBW

What is fade margin? , and Fading?

What is null or downfade?

What is Flat fading?

What is Frequency-selective fading?

What is Dispersive Fade Margin (DFM)?

What is Formula For Dispersive Fade Margin (DFM)?

What is Rain Fading?

Formula For effective fade margin(EFM)?

What is receiver threshold or receiver sensitivity?

What is Shanon’s Theorem?

What is Nyquist rate?

What is Hartley's law

What are the fading types in MW communication?

What is the difference between multipath flat and frequency selective fading?

What are the diversity techniques used in MW communication?

Which is the preferred diversity technique?

What is Time diversity?

What is Frequency diversity?

What is Space diversity?

What is Polarization diversity?

What is Multiuser diversity?

What is Cooperative diversity?

What is first Fresnel zone ?

What is the formula of first Fresnel zone calculation?

Out of multipath fading and Rain fading which type of fading will lead the system to unavailability?

What is the earth radius factor?

What is Interference in networking?

How many type of Interference you know?

What is Co-channel interferenc or CCI?

What is Adjacent-channel interferenc or CCI?

What is CrossTalk in Communication ?

What is Signal to Noise ratio?

What Is SNR ? & How Its Effect ?

What is HAAM or Hitless Automatic Adaptive Modulation ?

What is Multi-path fading ?

What is Upfade?

How Can Set Terrain Data Base In PATHLOSS 4 ?

What Does Microwave Mean in telecom ?

What Are the Desired Output of Microwave Network Planning ?

Which type of Antenna are using in microwave telecom network?

How Can Prepare The Microwave Link Budget - LB in PATHLOSS 4.0?

What is Modulation and its type?

Why Modulation Required ?

What Are the Types of Radio Frequency Spectrum ?, or What is the Frequency Band Designation

What is SACFA & WPC

How Can Plot Links in Mapinfo Tool ? Or How Can Create Line in Map info?

What is the XPIC ?

What is E1 & How can relate with SDH or PDH ?

What is the MW Link Engineering(Basic Step Microwave Link Budget)?

What is Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD) ?

What are the steps & perameters of Mw Link Budget ?

What are the steps & parameters of Mw Link Budget ?

What is Antenna beam width, how it effect in microwave communication?

What is modulation and how this effect on internet speed?

What is Microwave Communication ?